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Writing at BCS


At Blackrod Church school, we have adopted 'The Write Stuff' approach, by Jane Considine. This begins in the very early stages in FSU, building on the approach and teaching style so that learning is both progressive throughout the school but also consistent from one year group to the next.

Each classroom has a display devoted to the writing where children's work is proudly displayed for all to see! This approach develops a knowledge, a passion, an enthusiasm and a love of writing.

The writing is centred around a high quality text (which can be found on our literature spine) covering a range of genres. The children become immersed in the text being taught, developing a love of story, an enhanced vocabulary and the terminology being used developing their oracy, their imagination and their confidence in their own ability to write using high quality language and a detailed understanding of what they write.  Each text is taught in plots, slowly revealing a range of experiences providing a great opportunity to apply and explore writing for a range of reasons.

The pupil voice, throughout each year group, clearly states that children look forward to their writing lessons and are excited and enthused by them.


                               ' I never used to like doing writing, but now I can't wait for the next lesson. My writing is really good!'

Tommy aged 7


'The Write Stuff' follows a method called 'sentence stacking'. Children write short sentences which are stacked together.

When teaching each plot, learning is scaffolded to create short, intense learning packed with terminology and flow that they can then include in their own writing.  In each lesson 3 'chunks' are taught.  Each chunk will focus on a different element of writing which are strongly linked to year group objectives taken from the national curriculum.

 1. Initiate- children are exposed to a stimulus, including photographs, sound clips and short videos to gather ideas and provoke their imagination.  They 'chot' these ideas down to use in their sentence writing. Teachers use a 'magpie' system where children are encouraged to share their ideas for others to borrow.

*chot- chat and jot at the same time.


2.Model- The teacher will use a range of these ideas to model a sentence that outlines clear writing features and techniques.


 3.Enable- the children then write their sentence following on from this model sentence including                                           ideas created from the initiate part of the lesson.  Where children require support they may refer to the model section of the lesson, however many children 'deepen the moment' where they can explore the plot point further and demonstrate their own creative sentences using their own previous learning.


Alongside the teaching of chunks, children are exposed to 'experience days'.  These offer a variety of opportunities to explore through drama, through research and through creative experiences. Many of the chosen texts have strong links to the wider curriculum to broaden our curriculum with strong links to a range of subjects, thus encouraging high quality writing throughout the curriculum.


At Blackrod Church School, 'The Write Stuff' equips our children with the fundamental knowledge and skills of how to write with imagination, precision and to include detailed vocabulary that enables them to be successful writers and awesome authors.



Alongside the teaching of 'The Write Stuff' each class teacher plans and delivers discrete spelling, grammar and punctuation lessons. These lessons either focus on pre-teaching a specific skill or knowledge, or revisit areas that need further consolidation.

Useful websites to support English development:

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