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Dreams ASD Provision


DREAMS = Developing Resilience, Emotional Awareness and Managing Socially


Dreams Class is a specialist provision for children who have autism and have struggled to be successful in a mainstream classroom. These children come from schools across Bolton and are brought in by transport each day. The provision started in September 2014 when the local authority identified a need for a new classroom where children who are academically able to access the National Curriculum could be educated in a small class, with high adult to child ratios and based on specific strategies and routines that are proven to help those with autism. Dreams is a 6 place classroom with 3 adults. The SEN (Special Educational Needs) team at the local authority have control over allocating places and children who attend Blackrod Church School do not have any priority over others in gaining a place.


As a leadership team we see the Dreams classroom as integral to our work as a school and a vital component in what we believe is the work of God in this place. Our mission statement says that 'the journey that each individual takes will be one in which they are nurtured, understood and valued'. Often the children who are offered a place in Dreams Class have had a difficult educational journey and our first priority is to ensure they feel understood and valued, regardless of their challenges or learning differences. Our school community is 'based on love and acceptance of everyone for who they are and what they will become'. We also strongly believe that the children who are in the mainstream classes benefit enormously from understanding and accepting the needs of others as well as embracing and celebrating individual differences.


If parents would like further information about how to access an ASD provision they should speak to the SENCo in their child's school or their Ladywood Outreach Teacher who should be able to provide further details about the entry criteria and processes. Unfortunately we are unable to provide visits for those parents who would like their child to attend Dreams class unless they have already been offered a place as this is very unsettling for the children. Miss Bramwell is the teacher in charge and can provide further information by email should you require it -