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Stronger together, with God, to be the best we're meant to be



As a Church school, we consider the teaching of RE to be a central part of the learning experience of every child.  Helping children to understand and explore different faiths and beliefs gives them the all the context and the guidance they need to be able to live respectfully and harmoniously. We aim that our teaching of RE ensures that in our school environment and beyond, as one of children so beautifully told an inspector (that everyone at our school believes)  'tolerance is not enough - we accept everyone completely  for who they are'. In our world just now, these are amongst the most important lessons we can learn. 


We ensure that our RE lessons cover the requirements of the Bolton SACRE and we have added units of learning as we consider them to be appropriate and relevant from a range of sources, including the Church of England publications 'Roots and Fruits' and 'Understanding Christianity' as well as materials from Blackburn Anglican Diocese. We also have included some special elements from guidance materials on schemes of work published by the Methodist Church to reflect our joint foundation.  


We work closely with both the Anglican and the Methodist Church on the delivery of our RE curriculum. 


On the links below you will find some lovely activity sheets for you to do at school and at home provided by the

Children Changing Places Project