Blackrod Church School

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Stronger together, with God, to be the best we're meant to be


Living and Learning in Blackrod and Beyond

lackrod is an amazing place. The people that live here and the community spirit they create is incredible. It is a privilege and an honour to serve this community as a school.


We aim to;

  • Actively and dynamically contribute to and enrich life in the community of Blackrod 
  • Nurture, guide and inspire future adults in Blackrod to become positive contributors, shapers and makers in their local, national and global communities now and in the future. 


Our children experience the best we can offer when we work together.


At Blackrod Church School, we helped establish the Youth Council to connect with the Town Council about 5 years ago. 4 children from each of the Blackrod schools are elected to serve alongside the adult Council to think about how to improve all aspects of Blackrod life. Youth Councillors attend civic meetings, functions and events and wear distinct uniforms in school so others know who they are.  


As a Church school we consider ourselves to be an active part of the spiritual community in Blackrod - helping lead All -Age Services in Church on Sundays, attending Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day commemorations, singing for the local community at Christmas (both at the switching on of the Blackrod Christmas Tree lights, on the streets of Blackrod and at our magical candlelit Christmas Carol Concert just before the end of the summer term. 


We consider ourselves (alongside our colleagues at Blackrod Primary School) to be drivers of community cohesion. As school leaders we work closely with the local council to discuss how best to serve the growing community and support the development of responsible  citizenship in the area. We work together on transition from primary school to High school and together are developing some specifically taught units of study about the best aspects of living in Blackrod. 


In the late autumn we celebrate together the remarkable benevolence and generosity of the Popplewell family, dating back to Victorian times. The Popplewell family established a Trust of funds to be distributed amongst people in Blackrod to improve lives and both schools in Blackrod reflect on and celebrate this legacy every year still - some 100 years or more on. 


During the summer we take a lead role in offering opportunities for people of all ages in Blackrod to come together - formerly as a carnival and more recently through the 'Scarecrow Festival'.


The Horwich and Blackrod Learning Community is a dynamic group of professionals - mainly Head teachers, working together in the Horwich and Blackrod area to ensure what we can do better, bigger and more effectively together we do so for the sake of our children.  At Blackrod Church School, we are active and often lead participants in this work such as ranging and inclusive sporting competition and opportunity across Horwich and Blackrod, subject by subject moderation of children's work, assessments and creative teaching ideas.