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Photographs 2022-2023


Making the layers of the earth

We are now Year 3!


We started of our Design Technology unit by exploring different paper joining techniques. Check them out here...

We have been exploring the inObots in our computer science lessons...

Look at our amazing poems about volcanoes!

What would it be like to fall of a boat in a storm? Take a look at our drama poses to show how we would feel...

We have been learning all about rocks. We made our own version of Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock using some starburst sweets.

We used the glockenspiels to accompany the classic Bob Marley song, 3 Birds. # Don't worry about a thing

Whilst exploring Rocks and Soils in our science lessons, we have learnt about the different layers of our planet and even made some edible dirt!