Blackrod Church School

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Stronger together, with God, to be the best we're meant to be


Meet the Staff

The Leadership Team
Executive Head Teacher – Mr James A G Royal
Head of School – Miss Jill Bramwell

Assistant Head Teacher - Mrs Rebekah Lane 

Assistant Head Teacher - Mrs Rebecca Finlason
Business Manager – Mrs Andrea Crompton

SENCo and Key Stage 1 Leader- Miss Kirsten Gradwell
Foundation Stage Leader – Miss Vicky Eccleshare
Extended Care and Community  Leader – Miss Charlotte Gittins

Key Stage 2 Leader- Miss Bethany Sharkey

Admin and Technical Support (Office)
Mrs Michelle Woodward – Office Manager
Mrs Andrea Crompton – Business Manager
Miss Alison Cowell- Pastoral Lead/Senco Admin

Classroom Teams

Foundation Stage
Miss Victoria Eccleshare (Teacher and FSU Leader)
Mrs Adele Butler, Mrs Lorraine Lomax-Small (HLTA), Mrs Carole Hudson (HLTA), Mrs Melissa Cole

Year 1
Mrs Livesey and Mrs Bates (Teachers)

Ms Rebecka Warne

Year 2
Miss Kirsten Gradwell (Teacher)
Mrs Heather Roberts (HLTA)

Mrs Kerrie Macgregor

Year 3
Miss Charlotte Gittins (Teacher)
Miss Jade Wilson

Year 4
Mr Danny Hopkins (Teacher)
Miss Holly Beresford

Year 5
Mrs Rebecca Finlason, Mrs Rebekah Lane and Mr Stan Barber (Teachers)

Miss Carole Holland

Year 6
Miss Sharkey (Teachers)
Mrs Adele Pomfret (HLTA)

Mrs Maxine Hibbert (Teacher)

Mrs Liz Hackett (Maternity Leave), Mrs Beth Wolstenholme, Mrs Claire Rickaby


Sports Coach - Mr Adam Crompton



Mrs Michelle Woodward (Manager), Miss Jade Wilson (Deputy Manager)

Mrs Sharon Dlugosz, Mrs Adele Butler, Miss Holly Beresford and Mr Nathaniel Woodward (Playworkers)

We are also very lucky to have Mrs Ros Crompton in the kitchen and Mrs Marzena Bajenski. Helping to make our lunchtimes fun and safe are Mrs Sharon Dlugosz, Mr Adam Crompton, Miss Alison Cowell , Mrs Michelle Woodward, Mrs Adele Butler and Mrs Julie Lindley.

Keeping our school clean and safe are:
Mr Martin Woodward, Site Manager
Mrs Julie Lindley and Mrs Sharon Dlugosz.