Blackrod Church School

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Stronger together, with God, to be the best we're meant to be


Meet the Staff

The Leadership Team
Executive Head Teacher – Mr J A G Royal
Head of School and Senco – Miss J Bramwell

Assist Head Teacher/KS1 Leader- Mrs R Lane 

Assist Head Teacher - Mrs R Finlason
Business Manager – Mrs A Crompton

Foundation Stage Leader – Mrs R Carter
Extended Care/Community Leader –

Miss C Gittins

Key Stage 2 Leader- Miss B Sharkey

Admin and Technical Support (Office)
Mrs M Woodward – Office Manager
Mrs A Crompton – Business Manager
Miss A Cowell- Pastoral Lead/Senco Admin

Miss J Howard - Finance Admin

Mr L Dlugosz - Administrator


Classroom Teams

Foundation Stage
Mrs R Carter (Teacher and FSU Leader)
Mrs A Butler (TA) Mrs Lorraine Small (HLTA), Mrs C Hudson (HLTA), Mrs Amanda Davenport (TA), Mrs Carol Bradley (TA) 

Mrs Jean Gittins (C of G)

Year 1
Miss J Bramwell, Mrs R Bates (Teachers)

Mrs K Macgregor (TA)

Miss F Armitage (SEND Support)

Year 2
Mrs R Lane, Mrs J Livesey (Teachers)
Mrs L Hackett (TA)

Mrs J Lindley (SEND Support)

Year 3
Miss C Gittins (Teacher)
Miss J Wilson (HLTA)

Mrs S Dlugosz/Miss Clare Gibbons

SEND Support

Year 4
Mr D Hopkins (Teacher)
Mrs J Rudd (HLTA)

Mrs K Jacques/Miss A Stamford

 (SEND Support)

Year 5
Miss K Gradwell (Teacher)

Mrs E Armstrong (TA)

Year 6
Miss Sharkey (Teacher)
Miss Holly Beresford (HLTA)

Miss C Holland/Mr R Crompton

(SEND Support)

Mrs M Hibbert (Teacher)

 Mrs B Wolstenholme (HLTA)

Mrs C Rickaby (TA)


Sports Coach - Mr A Crompton



Mrs M Woodward (Manager)

Miss J Wilson (Deputy Manager)

Mrs S Dlugosz, Mrs A Butler, Miss H Beresford Miss A Stamford, Mr L Dlugosz (Playworkers)

We are also very lucky to have Mrs R Crompton,   Mrs M Bajenski and Mrs S Greenhalgh in the kitchen.
Helping to make our lunchtimes fun and safe are Mrs S Dlugosz, Mr A Crompton, Miss A Cowell , Mrs M Woodward, Mrs A Crompton,

Mrs A Butler, Mrs J Lindley, Mr L Dlugosz,

Miss F Armitage

Keeping our school clean and safe are:
Mr M Woodward, Site Manager
Mrs J Lindley and Mrs S Dlugosz.