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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Hello and welcome to our Year 6 page. The Year 6 team is made up of Mrs Lane, Mrs Finlason, Mrs Pomfret and Mrs Woodward. In Year 6, we learn about exciting topics through the 'Learning Challenge' curriculum. This half term our learning challenge is: 'Why was Islamic Civilisation known as the Golden Age?'. Please find below our learning challenge newsletter for this half term, along with some informative videos to give you a snippet of some of the things we will be learning about. 


Pop back onto our page in the next few weeks and we will be able to share facts about our topic and pictures of us working hard to be the best we can be. 


If you have any questions or any recommendations of what you'd like to see more of, on our page, we would love to hear from you. 


Mrs Lane and Mrs Finlason

How Houses looked in Baghdad 900AD | History of Early Civilisations | BBC Teach

An ancient Islamic nomad is giving up his camel-hair tent and has designed his own 'forever' family home to settle in Baghdad. He explains his reasons for a lifestyle change and why its facilities make Baghdad his city of choice. He talks viewers through his design, his tools and the building's sometimes ground-breaking features, such as its air cooling system.

What food did they eat in Baghdad 900AD | History of Early Civilisations | BBC Teach

This cooking show parody introduces children to early Islamic food. A-Razi prepares goat stew Ahmed makes a fish dish drink Aisha uses traditional flavours to enhance her lamb dish and prays it will be well received These three chefs complete for the privilege of cooking for the Caliph's Eid celebrations.

Baghdad in 900AD, the golden age of Islam | History - Lost Lands

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. The fourth of seven films introducing life in ancient civilisations. Ali lives in the most advanced city in the world: Baghdad. He wants to be a scholar and contribute to the Golden Age of Islam.

Fire Service Visit


On Thursday 19th September, we were lucky enough to be visited by the Fire Service. They came to speak to us about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night.


Photographs will be added soon...

Year Group Newsletter

Knowledge mats to support learning

Year 6 Statutory Spellings

By the end of Year 6, all children should be able to read and spell all of the statutory spellings on the document above. You could help your child at home to practise reading them and practise writing them, before moving onto writing them in sentences.

National Curriculum overview for Parents

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