Blackrod Church School

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Stronger together, with God, to be the best we're meant to be



Please continue to work on your home learning packs. If you complete these, please let us know and we assign some new activities for your child.


Please use your Epic Reading account to encourage your children to continue enjoying books. They could read them selves, share a book with a sibling or adult or even have a book read to them. If we spot a book we think your child will enjoy or is a good option based on their reading level, we will 'assign' this book to them so have a these.


Our children all love the maths videos that are available on YouTube made by a company called 'Numberocks' so search for these and let them sing along. Keep them practising their times tables too with fun games such as 'Hit the Button' which is available online.


We were enjoying learning all about Titanic too before school closed so you could always continue your learning about this topic with some more research, reading writing or art activities based on this theme.