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Sports Day

Jane from History Alive came into Year 6 today and delivered ‘Music through the ages’ workshop. It was fantastic! The children took a look at music through the decades, the technology that made it possible and how music has changed over the past 100 years. Jane showed the children how to link modern artists that we all know and love back to the key musicians & performers that have influenced the music we listen to today.

Year 6 have been working on peer mentoring skills today. Miss Sharkey was really impressed with each child’s delivery and patience when helping their partners on the questions they found tricky. It’s always good to have a few extra teachers in class!

To quote one of our Y6 boys “BEST DAY EVER!” Well, what a day! Our Year 6 children have had a brilliant day completing their Bikeability course. The children needed to check their bikes were roadworthy, checking the tyres, brakes and seat were all in check and safe to go. The instructors had nothing but admiration for our children due to their sensible behaviour and impeccable manners. We’re feeling very proud of them today!

Year 6 have been coding their own games in their Computing lessons. Miss Sharkey was very impressed and enjoyed playing a few.

What a weekend! 🌟 We just want to say how proud we are of our amazing children. They’ve shown resilience, co-operation, respect, maturity and communication throughout. It was incredibly heartwarming to hear such wonderful things said about our children from the staff at Robinwood. They really are a credit to us and we feel very fortunate to have watched them face fears, work together and most of all have fun, over the last couple of days. Now, I think it’s hot baths and early nights all round. Robinwood 2022 : COMPLETED!

Making Maths even more fun with a percentage and times tables treasure hunt in Year 6.

Collaborative group work, intense problem solving and sheer determination… all in a day’s work for our Year 6 children. Today they mastered Algebraic equations. Well done guys!

Need a fun and exciting way to practise spellings? Year 6 have you covered! They have created their own word searches with this week’s spellings.

What a day! The children have enjoyed reciting poems, sharing books, special story-time with Izzy, drawing their own illustrations and completing challenges set by well-known authors.

Year 6 have been learning the months of the year in Spanish today.

Year 6 have been researching Gentoo penguins and the process to building intricate nests of rocks and pebbles. The nests are used for laying the egg in during incubation, which lasts for close to 40 days. The children created their own nests using natural resources. To ensure they felt like true penguins, they had to source the materials and build their nest without using their hands - instead using makeshift beaks from chopsticks, rulers or feet. They also had to make sure their nest kept out predators - in this case Izzy! She loves sticks!!!

Today our KS2 children had a very special visitor: Joe Murphy, the Engineer, from CF Fertilisers. Joe inspired our young people to achieve whatever they put their minds to, work hard and show resilience, by telling them all about his work and his journey. He answered lots of questions and our children were in awe of his incredible work.

Year 6 have been talking about what Eucharist means to Christians during their RE lessons. To reflect on their learning, they created their own stained glass windows that symbolised Eucharist.

Our children played really well in the basketball competition tonight. We’re so proud of you all! Huge shoutout to one of our boys who got the longest shot of the competition! Go BCS! 🎉 🏀

Year 6 had a very special treat today. This wonderful young man has spent the whole week creating a quiz for the children, on all of the topics they have covered so far this year. What a great way to extend learning, revisit previous knowledge and most importantly, have great fun!

Cross Country & Netball tournament

This afternoon, our Year 6 children were invited to a very special Popplewell service at St Katharine’s church. The children shared their own examples of individuals who have inspired them and how they have helped them to be the best version of themselves. Both Mr Royal and Miss Sharkey came away feeling incredibly proud of our young people. They are an inspiration! Congratulations to the four children who received the Popplewell award for attendance. Good job everyone!